inFocus on Season 2 of inFocus: What to expect over the next few months

Episode 1 April 10, 2021 00:02:56
inFocus on Season 2 of inFocus: What to expect over the next few months
inFocus with David Coletto
inFocus on Season 2 of inFocus: What to expect over the next few months

Show Notes

Season 2 of inFocus with David Coletto starts on April 12, with American data scientist David Shor.

This podcast is all about the intersection of public opinion, politics, and public policy.

I had a lot of great feedback on season 1 and I’m excited for what I have lined up on Season 2.

This season, I continue to speak with smart and interesting people who spend much of their days exploring why people do and think what they do.

I’ll be speaking with David Shor, an American data scientist who worked on Obama’s 2012 campaign and recently got a lot of attention with his analysis of the 2020 campaign and why he tought Donald Trump was GOOD for the Republican Party.

I’ll talk climate change with Seth Klein, author of Good War and how public attitudes about climate change seem to be ahead of political leaders.

I recently finished reading a fascinating book called Beyond the Red Wall: Why Labour Lost, How the Conservatives Won and What Will Happen Next? By British pollster Deborah Mattinson. She spent weeks in northern England trying to understand why the once-solid Labour region voted Conservative in the 2019 British General Election.

I speak with political scientist Jared Wesley about what’s happening in Alberta and interview former Colombian ambassador to Canada Federico Hoyos about his time in Canada and what it taught him about who we are and how we are different.

I am also excited to interview Biden’s lead pollster, John Anzalone about that campaign and what it’s like managing the polling for a billion-dollar election campaign.

This is just a taste of what I have planned for season 2. Thanks for all the support so far. Please share the podcast with others you think will find it useful and enjoyable, please rate the podcast, and if you haven’t already, please subscribe so you never miss an episode.

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