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For the past 10 years, I’ve built one of Canada’s leading polling and public opinion research firms: Abacus Data. And in that time, my team and I interviewed hundreds of thousands of Canadians and hosted focus groups across the country. This podcast will feature conversations with smart, curious, and interesting people who love politics, public policy, and figuring out what makes people think and act the way they do. If you work in polling or market research, public affairs, public relations, government relations, advocacy, or in communications – this podcast is for you.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Is political hobbyism hurting democracy? inFocus with Dr. Eitan Hersh on his book "Politics is for Power"

    Are you a political hobbyist? Do you read the Hill Times or iPolitics just for fun? Do you tune into the Sunday morning political shows and talk about politics with your friends or families – like if you were talking about your favourite sports team? Well, if you are – you ...


  2. inFocus on COP26 and the clean energy transition in Canada with Merran Smith

    For the past two weeks, most of the world’s leaders were meeting in Glasgow, Scotland as part of the 26th United Nations climate change conference, also known as COP26. UK Prime Minister, in welcoming world leaders to the UK, described the conference as the “world’s moment of truth” and a now ...


  3. The politics of housing affordability with Michael Bourque from the Canadian Real Estate Association

    According to the Canadian Real Estate Association, the national average home price in September 2021 was $686,650 – an increase of 27% from before the pandemic. In Greater Toronto – the average home price is almost $1.1 million. In Greater Vancouver, it’s close to $1.2 million.  To say that housing ...


  4. What should the federal government do about healthcare? A discussion with CMA President Dr. Katharine Smart

    Throughout the federal election, our polls consistently found that health care was a top issue for many Canadians. Canadians of all ages are concerned about the capacity of the health system, the long-term impact of the pandemic, and health worker shortage in many parts of the system. As the new federal ...


  5. Election '21 Briefing - And that's a wrap on the Canadian election. What happened?

    In this episode of inFocus, pollster David Coletto shares his perspective on the 2021 Canadian election results asking - what was it about? Tune in for this 20-minute briefing on what Abacus Data's polling over the campaign can tell us about the outcome and what it means going forward. ...