What should the federal government do about healthcare? A discussion with CMA President Dr. Katharine Smart

Episode 1 October 13, 2021 00:34:25
What should the federal government do about healthcare? A discussion with CMA President Dr. Katharine Smart
inFocus with David Coletto
What should the federal government do about healthcare? A discussion with CMA President Dr. Katharine Smart

Show Notes

Throughout the federal election, our polls consistently found that health care was a top issue for many Canadians. Canadians of all ages are concerned about the capacity of the health system, the long-term impact of the pandemic, and health worker shortage in many parts of the system.

As the new federal cabinet is set to be sworn in later this month and a new Parliament is set to begin, I wonder, will healthcare be a priority for this new Parliament and government?

On this episode of inFocus, I’m joined by Dr. Katharine Smart, the President of the Canadian Medical Association, and a pediatrician in Whitehorse, Yukon. Dr. Smart’s work has centred on developing collaborative partnerships with community and government services to serve marginalized children using a model of social pediatrics. She works primarily with children who have experienced trauma and adverse childhood events and is passionate about improving services for marginalized children.

Dr. Smart and I spoke about how the pandemic has impacted Canada’s healthcare system, the role the federal government can play in improving healthcare, and why politics often gets in the way of meaningful change in the system.

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