inFocus with Bruce Anderson on public affairs research, advocacy, and government relations

Episode 5 March 02, 2021 00:33:22
inFocus with Bruce Anderson on public affairs research, advocacy, and government relations
inFocus with David Coletto
inFocus with Bruce Anderson on public affairs research, advocacy, and government relations

Show Notes

Bruce Anderson is one of Canada’s leading public affairs and communications professionals. He’s worked for Prime Ministers, Premiers, and has lead research projects for some of North America’s leading associations, corporations, and non-profits.

He’s also my partner at Abacus Data.

On this episode of inFocus, Bruce and I spend some time talking about public affairs research. Public affairs research represents a good portion of the work our team at Abacus Data does. We work with many national associations, corporations, unions, and charities – helping them understand the opinion landscape, measuring and tracking their reputations, and producing content to help tell their story to government and other stakeholders.

I can’t think of anyone better to explore this topic with, as he’s been one of Canada’s best at it for over three decades.

Today we let inside the debates and discussions Bruce and I have and give you some perspective on how we approach public opinion research.

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