inFocus on Alberta, political culture, and the future of the federation

Episode 3 April 15, 2021 00:48:48
inFocus on Alberta, political culture, and the future of the federation
inFocus with David Coletto
inFocus on Alberta, political culture, and the future of the federation

Show Notes

On this episode of inFocus, I’m joined by my friend Dr. Jared Wesley a political scientist, associate professor, and Director of Master’s programs at the University of Alberta’s Department of Political Science.

Full disclosure, Jared and I were graduate students at the University of Calgary together and our chat today mimics the many we had while sharing an office while completing our PhDs.

Along with his teaching and administrative duties, Jared is also leading the Common Ground Politics ( – a research project helping to uncover the values that underpin politics in Western Canada and the American West.

On the podcast, we spoke about his research and perspectives on the East/West divide in Canada, the future of federalism, and what’s happening in Alberta.

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