Election '21 Briefing - And that's a wrap on the Canadian election. What happened?

Episode 13 September 23, 2021 00:23:41
Election '21 Briefing - And that's a wrap on the Canadian election. What happened?
inFocus with David Coletto
Election '21 Briefing - And that's a wrap on the Canadian election. What happened?

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In this episode of inFocus, pollster David Coletto shares his perspective on the 2021 Canadian election results asking - what was it about?

Tune in for this 20-minute briefing on what Abacus Data's polling over the campaign can tell us about the outcome and what it means going forward.

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inFocus on Happiness in Canada - How we measure it and why it matters

In 2011, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution that recognized happiness as a “fundamental human goal” and called for “a more inclusive, equitable and balanced approach to economic growth that promotes the happiness and well-being of all peoples”. In 2012 the first-ever UN conference on Happiness took place and the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution which decreed that the International Day of Happiness would be observed every year on March 20. As we approach International Happiness Day, I wonder, how happy do Canadians think they are? And what impacts our perception of happiness?      On this episode, I’m joined by two of my colleagues from Abacus Data – Richard Jenkins and Oksana Kishchuk. Oksana and Richard lead our firm’s Happiness Monitor program, a research focus we started in October of 2020 that tracks how happy or not Canadians are at any given moment and explores what makes us happy and what makes us sad. Our conversation looks at what we have learned so far, why measuring happiness is so important, and what drives national happiness, especially during a global pandemic. For more information about Abacus Data's Happiness Monitor, please visit our website to find all the analyses and data we have released so far: https://abacusdata.ca/tag/happiness/And you can find the most recent analysis on happiness in Canada vs. the US here: https://abacusdata.ca/happiness-canadians-americans/   ...


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Election '21 Briefing - It's too close to call as Election 44 wraps

In this episode of inFocus, pollster David Coletto from Abacus Data shares the latest results from his final survey of the 2021 Canadian election including a look at the underlying numbers that help explain the apparent stalemate and too close to call outcome. For more information about the survey visit: https://abacusdata.ca/election-2021-final-poll-abacus-data/ ...


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inFocus on why some vote and others do not with Dr. Jean-Francois Daoust

On this episode of inFocus with David Coletto, I'm joined by Dr. Jean-Francois Daoust, a lecturer in the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Edinburgh. Dr. Daoust is co-author, with Dr. Andre Blais, of a book titled “The Motivation to Vote” which was published in 2020 by UBC Press. Although we spend a lot of time talking about which party or candidate is up or down in the polls, or which issues voters care most about, elections are fundamentally about the act of voting. Why do people vote? Why do others stay home? And what role do perceptions, attitudes and values play in voter turnout? In the book, Blais and Daoust write, “Voting is a quintessential human decision, based on a combination of emotions and instrumental calculations, full of complexities, ambiguities, and sometimes contradictions.” Lots for us to unpack. In our conversation, we explore voting, talk about his book and go deep exploring why some people vote and others don’t. If you haven’t read the book, I strongly recommend it. ...