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For the past 10 years, I’ve built one of Canada’s leading polling and public opinion research firms: Abacus Data. And in that time, my team and I interviewed hundreds of thousands of Canadians and hosted focus groups across the country. This podcast will feature conversations with smart, curious, and interesting people who love politics, public policy, and figuring out what makes people think and act the way they do. If you work in polling or market research, public affairs, public relations, government relations, advocacy, or in communications – this podcast is for you.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Election '21 Briefing - And that's a wrap on the Canadian election. What happened?

    In this episode of inFocus, pollster David Coletto shares his perspective on the 2021 Canadian election results asking - what was it about? Tune in for this 20-minute briefing on what Abacus Data's polling over the campaign can tell us about the outcome and what it means going forward. ...


  2. Election '21 Briefing - It's too close to call as Election 44 wraps

    In this episode of inFocus, pollster David Coletto from Abacus Data shares the latest results from his final survey of the 2021 Canadian election including a look at the underlying numbers that help explain the apparent stalemate and too close to call outcome. For more information about the survey visit: ...


  3. Election '21 Briefing - 4 days to go and the internal tension facing many voters

    In this episode of inFocus, pollster David Coletto from Abacus Data shares the latest results from his tracking poll on the Canadian election and tries to unpack the reasons why neither of the two main parties have been able to break away. You can get all the data on the latest ...


  4. Election '21 - Messaging, advertising, and campaigning in a pandemic. A deep dive with Conservative strategist Dennis Matthews

    There’s just over a week to go in this federal election campaign and the outcome is so uncertain. The leaders debated twice this past week and the polls continue to suggest this very close. Neither the Liberals nor the Conservatives appear to have any momentum at this point. On this episode ...


  5. Election '21 Briefing - It's a tie between the Conservatives and Liberals. What impact did the TVA debate have?

    Abacus Data CEO shares some thoughts and insights on the 2021 Canadian federal election in this short briefing episode of inFocus.In this episode, he discusses Abacus Data's latest survey that explored the impact of the TVA French Language leaders' debate last week and sets up what to watch ...