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For the past 10 years, I’ve built one of Canada’s leading polling and public opinion research firms: Abacus Data. And in that time, my team and I interviewed hundreds of thousands of Canadians and hosted focus groups across the country. This podcast will feature conversations with smart, curious, and interesting people who love politics, public policy, and figuring out what makes people think and act the way they do. If you work in polling or market research, public affairs, public relations, government relations, advocacy, or in communications – this podcast is for you.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. inFocus on Black Entrepreneurship in Canada

    How do we create a business, legal, and policy environment that allows every aspiring entrepreneur to succeed? What barriers do Black entrepreneurs in Canada face? On this episode of inFocus, I’m joined by three guests to talk about a new study my firm Abacus Data helped to conduct on Black Entrepreneurship ...


  2. inFocus on the 2019 Conservative campaign and how polling shaped decisions

    What is it like running a national election campaign? How does polling impact the decisions made on a campaign? I’m excited to explore these questions with Hamish Marshall, the national campaign manager for the Conservative Party of Canada’s 2019 election campaign. Hamish is currently a partner at ONE Persuades. Prior to ...


  3. inFocus on the 2020 US election and young voters with John Della Volpe

    Joe Biden wouldn't be President without the surge in turnout of young voters in the US. On this episode of inFocus, I’m joined by John Della Volpe the founder and CEO of SocialSphere and for 21 years, he has been the Director of Polling at Harvard University’s Institute of Politics where ...


  4. inFocus on political polarization, personality, and political behaviour

    On this episode of inFocus, I’m joined by Dr. Marc Hetherington and Dr. Jonathan Weiler, authors of Prius or Pickup? How the Answers to Four Simple Questions Explain America’s Great Divide. The book was published in 2018 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. I read the book a few years ago and it ...


  5. Happy Census Day: inFocus with Canada's Chief Statistician Anil Arora

    May 11 is Census Day in Canada. For pollsters, the census is an irreplaceable tool used every day in our work. We use it to make sure our survey samples are representative of the population. We use it to help model data, and it helps us tell the ...